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Adventure Week

with Uncle Harold

Greetings in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Here s a brief description of what the Adventure Week Program is all about:

a) I arrive in the community on a Saturday afternoon to orient myself with the church layout, meet with the Pastor and get settled in with my billet or bed and breakfast hosts.

b) On Sunday morning I do two things ...
  1. I do a fifteen minute open Session with the children in Sunday School ...
  2. I do a ten minute children's feature in the Sunday Morning Service.
(I can also preach the message if required as I am a former Baptist pastor myself.)

Uncle Harold & Willy c) On Sunday night I do a full scale Family Program for the entire Church Family. This Program is one hour long, and I will have something for everyone from five years old to one hundred and five. The purpose of the Family program is to allow the church membership to see exactly what I will be doing during the week with the children. This program will motivate adults to want to support it through praying, inviting neighbour children and providing rides for needy children throughout the week. It will also move people to volunteer to help in other ways such as ushering, counseling, etc. The Family Night Program on Sunday night is the key to a successful Adventure Week because. It gives the Church people a complete understanding of what a week of children's Ministry is all about and how they can help reach community children and their families through it. People will not support something if they do not know what it is. Once they see what I am doing they will be very keen to support the ministry during the week.

d) Adventure Week runs nightly from Monday to Friday Nights from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Please confirm the time with Uncle Harold.) During this week of meetings children will experience a "walk through the Bible" from Genesis to Revelation in Bible Story form. This presentation is in chronological order. Each Meeting builds on the previous meeting and every story ends on a "cliffhanger" so kids become very excited and keen to attend every night in order to find out what is going to happen next. The Bible teaching is very simple, yet dramatic and easy for children to understand. This is because I use different ways to do it. (puppets, chalk talk, object lessons, flannelgraph, children's-songs, etc.) I tell four Bible Stories each meeting using these tools and kids are totally attentive because they have never seen anything like what I do in such a dramatic way before. I have over 30 years experience in doing Children's Meetings and I have never seen a bored child in any of my meetings. I close every meeting with a chalk talk in which I challenge children to believe the Bible and turn to Christ. I also encourage children to remain behind after each meeting to talk to me and such adults who volunteer to help me. Usually children who remain behind go to an open area in the church, here I along with other adult counselors talk and pray with them concerning their questions about the Bible Stories they have heard. No refreshments are served to children at the meetings from Monday to Thursday nights.

e) The closing program is the Friday night Meeting. Children are encouraged to come with their parents and families on this special night. Parents and families are of course welcome Monday to Friday throughout Adventure Week too, but the Friday night closing Program is special because parents and families who have not been coming during the week are especially invited. It is usually common for non-Christian parents to attend closing programs on a secular week day such as Friday night. If non-believers ever come into a church it will not likely be Sunday. However they will come to a closing program on a Friday night, particularly if their kids have gotten really excited over attending Adventure Week Monday to Thursday nights. Most unchurched adults will not feel uncomfortable attending the closing meeting of a Children's Program because it is for the kids. However what they do not realize is that they will hear the Gospel plainly and clearly at the children's level and they will understand it perhaps for the first time. There have been adults converted to Christ by listening to a clear presentation of the Gospel in a Children's Meeting. One Pastor confessed to me that for years they had tried to reach community adults through adult crusades but the only adults who attended were other Christians from other churches, but then I did a week of children's meetings in his church and three community families who had never darkened the church door arrived with their kids to attend the Friday night closing program. They heard the Gospel and one man - a thirty five year old farmer - broke down in tears and said "I see it now, I am totally lost." He was lovingly led to the Saviour that very night.
The Friday night closing program ends with refreshments served provided by the Church Ladies. (Tea, Coffee, Juice, Dainties and Cookies)

f) On Saturday morning I pack up my equipment from the Church, load my van, and prepare to head home. The Church usually makes sure that I receive the honourarium cheque and the travel cheque at 37¢ per kilometer return before I leave.

This is how an ADVENTURE WEEK program operates. If advertised well and properly supported in Prayer the attendance will build nightly from Monday to Friday. Attendance can grow from fifty children to over one hundred easily.

I ask you now to read carefully through this material and contact me soon.

Sincerely in Christ,

Uncle Harold

Children's Evangelist by the Grace of GOD through Faith in The LORD JESUS CHRIST

What is a Children's Meeting?

Many people have difficulty imagining what a Gospel Meeting for Children is. How can you keep the interest of Children for a long period of time? The answer is simple...by using the Bible Story Method through means of Large Visual Aids.

The Lord Jesus Christ taught truth by telling stories and pointing out things in nature and human life. People listened to Him because they loved stories and they could see the things he pointed to with their own eyes. This is the same method I use in teaching Bible Truths to Children. It works every time.

In order to do this in a Children's Meeting I use a variety of "props" as illustrated below. These props take time to erect. They also need lots of room in the meeting hall.

Props typical setup...
The Children's Meeting needs to be indoors and at the same location for each meeting. A typical Children's Meeting lasts for about an hour. Children's attention is held as the program moves swiftly from one story, song, or object lesson to the next. The program I do appeals to Children six to twelve years old. At the end of each Meeting, Children are encouraged to remain behind if they have any questions regarding the Bible Teaching they have received. This gives children an opportunity to respond on their own volition.

Sincerely in Christ,

Uncle Harold

"And He spake many things unto them in parables" (Matthew 13:3)

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