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Dear Pastor and Congregation;
Greetings in the Name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Are you looking for ways to reach New Families? ... You can do it through Children's Meetings!

Boys and Girls ages five to twelve years old will believe in the Saviour if they have an opportunity to hear and see the Bible Stories clearly presented at their level of understanding.

Uncle Harold & Willy Your Church can be the key place where Children in your community can come to learn about our Wonderful LORD. I can help you do this if you will invite me to conduct a special week of Children's Meetings in your Church. The Program I do is called "ADVENTURE WEEK". I have been a Children's Evangelist since 1977, conducting Children's Crusades in Churches much like yours. These ADVENTURE WEEK programs are held during the school year. During the summer I conduct D.V.B.S. programs and minister in Bible Camps.

Please prayerfully look over this material and contact me by phone if you are interested. Children will believe in our Saviour if given the opportunity to hear and see Bible Stories.

Sincerely in Christ,

Uncle Harold

"And He spake many things unto them in parables" (Matthew 13:3)


1. Appoint someone to oversee the preparations for Children's Meetings in your Church. This person is called a "Co-ordinator".

2. Select people in your Church to serve on at least one of the following Teams:
  1. Prayer Team
  2. Financial Team
  3. Publicity Team
  4. Hospitality Team
  5. Outside Service Team
  6. Personnel Team
  7. Transportation Team
  8. Registration Team
  9. Auditorium Team
  10. Counseling Team
  11. Follow-up Team
3. Each Team should have a Team Leader. Team Leaders are under the Coordinator. 4. The Coordinator is under the Church Pastor and keeps in touch with "Uncle Harold" (by mail and/or telephone) as preparations for the Children's Meetings move ahead. 5. Team goals are as follows...
  1. Prayer Team - Pray for the Children's Meetings (before and during).
  2. Financial Team - Seek creative ways to raise funds within local Church in accordance with 1 Cor. 9:14 and 1 Cor. 16: 1 & 2. (Note - there must be absolutely no collections in the Children's Meetings.)
  3. Publicity Team - Seek creative ways to advertise the Children's Meetings in your community. (Posters, Television, Radio, Schools) If Children do not know, they will not come! Download a PDF printable poster now!
  4. Hospitality Team - To arrange for accommodations for "Uncle Harold" (the home of an older couple for bed & breakfasts) plus meals in various Church Family homes; - Also to arrange refreshments for the closing program.
  5. Outside Services Team - During the time "Uncle Harold" is with you, he is available to appear in Schools, Day Care Centers, Kid's Clubs, T.V. talk-shows, Radio interviews, etc. (Note - In approaching these refer to "Uncle Harold" as a Ventriloquist and the Meetings as a Children's Program - avoid words like evangelist or crusade.)
  6. Personnel Team - Ushers, Sitters (one adult per row of Children).
  7. Transportation Team - To provide transportation to and from the Meetings.
  8. Registration Team - To register attending Children (for your records).
  9. Auditorium Team - To clear platform prior to Meetings & to monitor lighting and P. A. Systems. (janitorial care foyer, audit., washrooms).
  10. Counseling Team - To counsel children at the close of each Meeting.
  11. Follow-up Team - To encourage interested Children to attend your Sunday School (and/or Children's Club Program). Contact new families in your community. (Friendship Evangelism)


for "Uncle Harold" during his Ministry at your Church


For the sake of Christian propriety, the Speaker should not be billeted at the home of a "single parent" family, nor in the home of a family where the father works a night shift.

It is suggested that the Speaker be billeted in the home of an older couple for several reasons:

a) The Speaker will need a quiet atmosphere to "come-home-to" after an exhausting Children's Meeting.
b) Young families with smaller Children often do not have the extra space to accommodate guests.


The Host Couple need only provide the following meals as indicated:

a) BREAKFAST: A simple LIGHT breakfast of toast and peanut butter, and coffee.

b) LUNCH: This is the Speaker's MAIN MEAL of the day, and as such it ought to be a heavy meal. Nothing fancy, just plain "meat and potatoes" style. A plain hearty meal served in Christian love is all that is required. (Sometimes various families in the church desire to have the Speaker at their home for the noon meal.)

c) SUPPER: A BAG LUNCH for supper is all that the Speaker needs. This can be given to him at noon after lunch so that he can take it with him to eat later just before the main Children's Meeting. The "bag lunch" should consist of sandwiches, a piece of fruit and a few cookies, etc. Nothing fancy please. The above pattern for meals is designed to accommodate the Speaker in a way whereby he can be at his best to conduct the Children's Meetings. It is very difficult to go into action on a full stomach This is why the heavy meal is at noon with a bag lunch at night.

It is wise that wherever meals are scheduled that Husband and Wife are present. It isn't wise for the Speaker to be in a situation where he is alone with somebody else's wife and children. It doesn't look good to all concerned.

Please see the Schools section for information about getting Uncle Harold to your school.

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